2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs, Images, Configurations

2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs, Images, Configurations  –  There has been a substantial upgrade to the interior and exterior of the Chevrolet Trax 2026 as a consequence of its extensive overhaul. The base LS trim level of the Trax is priced at $23,699 and includes a non-negotiable delivery fee of $2,000. The other four trim levels are as follows. Prices start at $25,199 for the 1RS and go up to $28,099 for the LT. As a result, it climbs the ranks. The two most expensive options are the Activ—which I got to test out—and the 2RS, which is more sporty looking. Those two trim levels cost $30,199 all together. Prior to taxes, my tester could be further optioned to a price of $32,454.  2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs

2026 Chevrolet Trax Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior and Interior

Among the many standard equipment found in the Activ are adaptive cruise control, a cargo privacy cover, heated seats and steering wheel, single-zone controlled temperature control, satellite radio, heated mirrors, Bluetooth, and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The Activ also comes with roof rails. Even on the less expensive Activ models, you can find some of these features. The sunroof and wireless charging were part of an optional accessory package that came with my test car.  2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs2026 Chevrolet Trax Interior

The 2RS is priced similarly to the other variants, but it differs from them with 19-inch wheels and a manually actuated driver’s seat, even if it has no other distinguishing features. Given that smaller wheels often provide a more comfortable ride and are more cost-effective for winter or replacement tires, the Activ would be my pick due to its distinctive motorized seat. Furthermore, the Activ is bundled with a motorized seat.

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2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs

There is an extraordinary resemblance between the Trax and the larger Chevrolet Blazer, which is an attractive and rather similar-looking machine. It looks very similar to the Trax, another vehicle. Although both the 2RS and the Activ grades come with black wheels, the 2RS has larger wheels measuring 19 inches in diameter and the Activ has smaller rims at 18 inches. As a standard feature, LED headlights are included on all trim levels of the vehicle. During my test drive, I had the option to add a sunroof and a coat of Nitro Yellow paint to the vehicle.  2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs2026 Chevrolet Trax Colors

The interior is attractively designed and seems modular. The central touchscreen is eleven inches in size, while the digital instrument cluster is eight inches. These two parts are supposed to reflect the lines they’re a part of, hence they’re placed in a dash. Yellow highlights adorn the dashboard and vents of just one vehicle—the Activ—while red accents adorn the same areas of the 2RS.

Engine and Performance

No Trax trim level is complete without the standard 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine and six-speed automated transmission. It is capable of producing 137 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque when it is operating at full capacity. Automated continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) can drone and feel rubbery when coupled to small engines, so this is a better option. Additionally, they are better than the alternate option.  2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs

Despite its diminutive stature, the engine demonstrates remarkable nimbleness when maneuvering through urban areas and efficiently gains speed when accelerating from stoplights. Highway passing is where it really shines; you really shouldn’t expect to be able to drive out in front of fast-approaching automobiles and go away unscathed. A lot of work goes into it. Just like the rest of the subcompact market, you’ll have to roll with the limits this one imposes.

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2026 Chevrolet Trax Fuel Economy

Among the fuel efficiency ratings for the 2026 Chevrolet Trax provided by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) are 8.3 L/100 km for city driving, 7.4 L/100 km for highway driving, and 7.9 L/100 km for mixed-use vehicles. The fuel efficiency of the car can be inferred from these numbers. On a per-kilometer basis, I used 8.2 liters throughout the week it was in my system. To power it, standard grade gasoline is utilized.  2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs

2026 Chevrolet Trax Safety Features

No crash tests for the updated 2026 Chevrolet Trax have been performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety the data used to compile this article was collected not long ago. Nevertheless, numerous innovations are included as standard equipment across all trim levels. These include automatic high-beam lighting, a high-definition backup camera, a rear-seat reminder, teen driver control, lane-keep assist, and follow-distance indication. The standard equipment bundle includes these features. With the exception of the two base trim levels, which provide blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic warning as options, this feature is standard on all other trim levels.  2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs

2026 Chevrolet Trax Price and Release Date

The Trax may be yours for as little as $23,699 or as much as $30,199. The Hyundai Venue and the Nissan Kicks are two front-wheel drive (FWD) competitors with starting prices of $22,574 and $23,728 respectively. This vehicle’s rivals are these two automobiles. With a starting price of about $24,795 and a Kia Seltos starting price of about $27,195, the Kia Soul is the more budget-friendly choice. Without considering delivery, the starting prices for the Hyundai Kona and the Toyota Corolla Cross are $27,934 and $28,220, respectively.

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My first opinion of the 2026 Chevrolet Trax remains unchanged after spending a week behind the wheel; it is, without a doubt, a really remarkable vehicle when compared to others in its class. Lots of room, excellent freight handling, good looks, and a fair pricing all add up to this truck. Not only is it fun to drive, but it also handles freight effectively. Not only is it the base model’s visual, tactile, and performance twin, but it is also Chevrolet’s entry-level vehicle across the board.  2026 Chevrolet Trax Specs