2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions, Engine, Colors

2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions, Engine, Colors   –  There is a wide variety of high-quality three-row SUVs on the market today, thanks to the minivan’s decline in popularity as a family transportation choice. It elevates the 2026 Chevrolet Traverse to the level of a viable minivan alternative. This is due to the fact that, in comparison to its rivals, it provides a more spacious third row.

A non-negotiable delivery charge of $1,900 is included in the price of the car, which is in addition to the base price of the Traverse LS, which starts at $41,843 in Canada and comes standard with all-wheel drive (AWD). Additionally, taxes are not included in this pricing. I was compensated $51,198 for my work as the LT True North’s driver. The price of my tester went up to $55,243 before taxes were deducted since extra paint and wheels were offered at an extra cost.  2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions

2026 Chevy Traverse Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior and Interior

The True North is an improvement over the LT and comes with a plethora of functions. Among these features are a height-adjustable power tailgate, power seats for the driver and front passenger, automatic climate control with three zones, cloth upholstery, a remote starter, and an eight-inch infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition to the features listed above, the base model of the True North comes equipped with a power-folding mirror, a dual-pane sunroof, a 120 volt power outlet, a motorized passenger seat, a premium radio, GPS, a surround-view camera, and leather-trimmed seats. The True North is a Canada-specific vehicle with features including a rubber cargo tray and floor liners for all three rows of seating. Also, if you’re planning on driving in Canada, you should look into the True North.  2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions2026 Chevy Traverse Interior.

2026 Chevy Traverse Specs

Despite its size—which becomes immediately apparent while parking—the Traverse offers fast handling and a comfortable ride. Even from a distance, this is obvious. You have complete command of the body roll, and it’s positioned so that you may relax while you navigate corners. In its intended role, the product appeals to a demographic that values tranquility and pleasure above all else and is unconcerned with the ride’s level of sportiness.2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions

In most cases, the all-wheel drive system is in charge of steering the front wheels; however, it can also transfer power to the rear wheels in the event that it detects a decrease in traction. Among all-wheel drive vehicles, the Chevrolet Traverse is unique in that it gives the driver the option to toggle the system on and off. Actually, the Traverse can do this, even though I don’t think it’s a very useful capability. Driving with front-wheel drive would result in minimal fuel savings, and failing to switch to all-wheel drive during inclement weather would leave you without the advantage of all-wheel traction. The choice that would save the greatest gas money is front-wheel drive.  2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions

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Engine and Performance

All of the Traverse’s trim levels are powered by the same 3.6-liter V6 engine. There is a potential for 310 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque from this engine. Along with all-wheel drive, this engine is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. Compared to the Telluride’s V6 engine and the Subaru Ascent’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine, this one has more horsepower. This is in addition to the 300 horsepower generated by the base 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in the Explorer; however, a turbocharged V6 engine with a maximum output of 400 horsepower is available as an option for the Ford.  2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions2026 Chevy Traverse Interior

The 3.6-liter engine is a viable option for the bigger and heavier Traverse, even though I’ve gotten the opportunity to test drive it in the smaller Blazer, where the performance is more robust. Accelerating rapidly may cause the engine to produce a little noise, but it’s more than capable of handling passing on the highway with ease. There is absolutely no jerkiness while shifting gears, and the ride is both comfortable and balanced. However, depending on the engine option, the Explorer’s maximum towing capability can be anywhere from 2,404 kg (5,300 lb) to 2,540 kg (5,600 lb). You can tow up to 2,268 kilograms (5,000 pounds) with the Telluride and the Traverse, just like you can with the Traverse. For your convenience, the True North comes with multiple camera viewpoints, one of which is mounted on the hitch, to help you find your way to your trailer.

2026 Chevy Traverse Fuel Economy

The official urban fuel economy figure for the Traverse is 13.6 L/100 km, while highway fuel economy is 9.6 L/100 km and mixed driving fuel economy is 11.8 L/100 km. Both city and highway driving are factored into the official rating. While I was under its influence for a week, I averaged 12.6 liters per hundred kilometers. In the three-row division, that is not an extremely bad showing, even though there are rivals who do better. The Explorer’s V6 shares a rating of 11.8 liters per hundred kilometers with the Traverse’s V6, but the turbocharged four-cylinder version gets 10.3 liters per hundred kilometers in mixed-use driving. The Subaru Ascent is a compact car that packs a punch thanks to its all-wheel drive system and impressive fuel efficiency (only 10.5 liters per hundred kilometers).  2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions

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2026 Chevy Traverse Safety Features

On the other hand, the Traverse scores an excellent “Good” in crash tests. Although the 2026 Traverse has gotten the maximum possible score of five stars in numerous of the United States has not yet evaluated the model with its revised front end. This is so even though the model has not been tested by the NHTSA as yet. Standard on the LT are a number of driver assistance technologies. True North boasts enhanced emergency braking at highway speeds, a 360-degree camera, and a rearview mirror that can be utilized in the normal way or rotated to present a video picture of what’s behind the car, among other things. You can find all of these things in True North. Even if it takes a little getting used to, the camera’s placement in the back of the car guarantees that your view will not be blocked by the heads of passengers in the third row.  2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions

Even while most of the help features worked perfectly, the emergency front brake system occasionally tended to be a bit too harsh. It did, however, apply the brakes on a couple occasions when it wasn’t required to do so—neither was another car in my immediate vicinity, and I wasn’t even getting close to overtaking one of them.

2026 Chevy Traverse Price and Release Date

The price of the Traverse can range from $41,843 to $62,643 (not including the $1,900 for delivery). In addition to offering more room for passengers and their belongings in the third row and more cargo space than many of its rivals, buyers may pick from a range of affordable options. In certain cases, the interior does not match the tag on the top trims; here, perceived value is the one variable that needs to be considered.  2026 Chevy Traverse Dimensions

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Whereas the Telluride ranges from $48,890 to $58,590 (not including delivery), the Explorer starts at $48,694 and goes as high as $68,404 for the Platinum trim level. A large variety of price points are available for the Telluride. The price of a Subaru Ascent can range from $39,170 to $53,670, with many options available.