2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs, Release Date, Price

2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs, Release Date, Price   –   In terms of size and pricing, the three-row Traverse and the smaller Equinox are usually more popular than it is. Its location is halfway between the two cars in question. In contrast, buyers should investigate the Chevrolet Blazer more thoroughly because it offers several advantages, most notably in terms of its handling and performance on the road.

There are four available model levels, starting with the entry-level four-cylinder LT with front-wheel drive (FWD). The base price of the Limited Edition with the non-negotiable delivery cost of $1,900 and the optional V6 engine and all-wheel drive (AWD) was $42,893. The fact that it was the least expensive option led me to choose this car. The purchase of my tester included several additional packages and stand-alone options, bringing the total price to $46,603 before taxes were calculated.  2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs

2026 Chevrolet Blazer Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior and Interior

The basic LT model is equipped with a number of features, including heated seats, an eight-way power driver’s seat, an eight-inch touchscreen, automatic high-beam control, automatic headlights, dual-zone automatic temperature control, and 18-inch wheels. Additionally, there are heated seats available. However, due to a shortage of microchips, my tester lacked the final feature. However, until chip supply ramps back up, there is a financial discount for retrofitting that will happen in the future.  2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs2026 Chevrolet Blazer Interior

Roof rails, blind-spot monitoring, auto-dimming mirrors, rear parking sensors, a motorized tailgate, an integrated garage door opener, and the LT Plus Package were all standard features. The second of these features is an additional retrofit that can be applied once the chips are available. In order to conduct this test, a V6 engine—which is $595 more expensive than the original engine—was installed in place of the LT’s normal four-cylinder engine.

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Check out the True North, the next tier up from the V6 option, if you’re thinking about going that route. This trim level is available exclusively with a six-cylinder engine and includes all of the features found in the LT Plus trim level. Also included with the V6 LT Plus are floor and cargo liners, a power passenger seat with six adjustments, leather upholstery, and leather-wrapped wheels. You should expect to pay an extra $1,410 for this.

2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs

Although it has a lower capacity than many of its competitors, the vehicle’s 864-liter capacity when the back seats are upright is due to the liftover into the luggage compartment. A couple of examples are the 1,110-liter trunk capacity of the Ford Edge and the 1,166-liter trunk capacity (without folding the rear seats) of the Honda Passport. The Blazer’s rear seats can be folded down to provide room for longer bags, but its rivals already have that edge when it comes to hauling longer cargo. Depending on the trim level and engine, the Blazer has a maximum towing capability that ranges from 1,500 to 4,500 pounds, or 680 to 2,041 kg. In the event that this is insufficient room, the Blazer can only pull a certain amount of weight.  2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs2026 Chevrolet Blazer Price

In addition to an open cubby for stowing away little items, there is a covered console box. These two storage areas can be found at the vehicle’s front end. It isn’t always required to come up with new solutions when a simple mechanical handle can accomplish the same goal without using complicated components like a switch and wiring. A button on the dashboard will open the glovebox electrically. But there are times when starting from scratch is the best option.

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Engine and Performance

It powers the LT’s standard all-wheel drive setup and is the sole option for front-wheel drive on the LT. I could have the 3.6L V6 engine that comes standard on every other trim level into my LT AWD by spending an extra $595. Upon request, this option was made available. This is the vehicle I would buy because of its smooth strength and the lack of hassle associated with owning a non-turbo engine over the long haul.  2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs

The all-wheel drive system can send power to the back wheels for increased grip, even if the front wheels get most of the power. An upgraded system is available for the higher trim levels. Depending on the situation, this system can also switch the power from the left to the right rear wheel. When I encounter a wet or slippery section that needs extra traction, I usually just leave it on and let the system figure it out. You can choose the system; for example, sticking with the front-wheel drive setup will allow you to obtain greater gas mileage. However, I’m more inclined to leave it on than to disable it.

2026 Chevrolet Blazer Fuel Economy

On the highway, the 3.6-liter all-wheel-drive Blazer achieved 9.2 liters per hundred kilometers, while in mixed driving, it managed 11.0 liters per hundred kilometers, according to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan). These scores reflect how well the car handles in different types of traffic. For the seven days that I used it, my average consumption was 12.9 gallons per hundred kilometers. 2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs

In a combined rating, the four-cylinder engine achieves 9.9 liters per hundred kilometers when paired with all-wheel drive. Even if it isn’t very fuel efficient, the Chevrolet Blazer is nevertheless comparable to other cars in its class. The 2.0-liter engine in the Ford Edge achieves combined fuel consumption of 10.1 liters per hundred kilometers, while the 2.7-liter engine produces 11.2 liters, putting it in direct opposition to the 3.5-liter V6 engine found in the Honda Pilot.

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2026 Chevrolet Blazer Safety Features

The Blazer has received a perfect score of five stars for collision protection from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). After an examination into the accident, this grade was handed down.  2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs

The standard LT trim level comes equipped with a number of useful extras, such as emergency front braking with pedestrian recognition, lane-keep assist, a rear-seat reminder, As well as OnStar related services. The rearview camera, which is now standard on all new cars, is also included as standard equipment at this trim level. If you want to upgrade your LT to include blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, you may do so by purchasing the $1,595 LT Plus Package. All other trim levels, however, come standard with this function.

2026 Chevrolet Blazer Price and Release Date

Both the FWD and AWD versions of the Chevrolet Blazer are available, with the former starting at $39,398 (including freight) and the latter going up to $49,498 (before extras). In spite of the Blazer’s generally competitive nature, the higher trim levels will probably give the idea that they’re expensive. There is a price range of $35,964 to $49,854 for the all-wheel-drive Hyundai Sante Fe; a price range of $39,774 to $52,844 for the Ford Edge; and a price range of $47,270 to $53,870 for the Honda Passport, taking freight charges into account.  2026 Chevrolet Blazer Specs

Although the Chevrolet Blazer might not generate as much revenue as its siblings, the Equinox and the Traverse, it is undoubtedly a vehicle worth considering. It may be smaller on the interior than some of its rivals, but it makes up for it with exceptional driving performance and a host of additional advantages. There are a lot of benefits, though, if you won’t be using the extra room. Trying it out is definitely something to think about.